Clive Newman retires from Fremantle Press

Last week we celebrated Clive Newman. Clive was with the Press at the start and was one of its most loyal employees. He held many roles, including that of general manager, and his most recent role was as sales, distribution and foreign rights manager. Diligent to the last, Clive arrived on the morning of his final day at work with three more international rights sales to add to his scorecard.

Clive did not want a media release. He didn’t want a big party but he did allow his close colleagues and his wife Julia to host a small gathering at the Press.

Knowing of his great love of music, we were extremely lucky to have Sarah Guilmartin and Lochlan Brown of the West Australian Opera give Clive an intimate farewell performance, which began with Puccini’s famous aria from Madame Butterfly (and which was made possible by Clive’s friend William Yeoman of The West Australian and by Susan Hoerlein of the West Australian Opera).

Ian Lilburne, chairman of the Fremantle Press board, said Clive’s colleagues, the literary community and everyone who cared about culture owed Clive a great debt.

In his farewell speech, Clive said he was touched by the emails he had received from people around Australia after his retirement was announced by Books+Publishing. He said his wife Julia had been his mainstay and support throughout his career in small independent publishing. Clive said he couldn’t have done it without her.

Fremantle Press thanks Clive for the many years of sharing his publishing wisdom, for his love of the glass half full and for going out with undimmed enthusiasm for Western Australian literature. We wish him happy days.

Jane Fraser, CEO

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