Hello and welcome to November! It’s hard to believe the year is almost over and Christmas is full steam ahead. We were very interested to note a variation to our contract with Read How You Want last month stating that our books will soon be available in large print using the Dyslexie font. Invented by Dutch graphic designer Christian Boer, the font varies the character shapes more so that it is harder for people with dyslexia to confuse similarly shaped letters. More information about the font is available from https://www.dyslexiefont.com.

Congratulations to Joan London, who has won the 2015 Patrick White Award and has been named a State Living Treasure by the Western Australian government. Fremantle Press had the great privilege of publishing two of Joan’s early books – Sister Ships and Other Stories (1986) and Letter to Constantine (1993). We were also pleased to include her stories ‘Maisie Goes to India’ and ‘Enough Rope’ in the anthologies Sunscreen and Lipstick and Summer Lovin’ respectively. Her novels – The Golden Age, The Good Parents and Gilgamesh – and the complete collection of her short stories are published by Random House Australia.

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