Cristy Burne knows how to set imaginations ablaze with creativity and in her latest activity booklet she shines a light on how you can too

Cristy Burne

A change in the weather may be here but you can keep the summer holiday adventures alive with Cristy Burne’s activity booklet. Inspired by her book To the Lighthouse, an adventure packed story about friends Isaac and Emmy exploring Rottnest Island, Cristy has put together a host of activities for kids to do, either by themselves or with friends.

handmade lighthouses designed by school children
Handmade lighthouses designed by school children

Kids will be encouraged to get their creative juices flowing as they do activities such as designing their own lighthouse, drawing their own island, creating a graphic novel or even writing their own adventure story.

A collage of artwork based on To The Lighthouse
A collage of artwork based on To The Lighthouse

The activity booklet covers curriculum subjects such as Literacy, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and culture, Maths, Technology and Visual Arts, with helpful tips throughout.

Download the activity booklet here and don’t forget to share what you create with us on social media.

Cristy Burne
Cristy Burne

Want to meet the author? Cristy is available for talks at schools and libraries, so get in touch with us to organise a visit.   

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