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ISBN: 9781760990879
Dimensions: 23.4x15.3cm
Pages: 384
Publication year: 2022
Publisher: Fremantle Press
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Blood & Ink

Written by Brett Adams

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Literature professor Jack Griffen has recently suffered a nervous breakdown. His wife has divorced him and she and their adult daughter have moved to the USA. Into the void steps exchange student Hieronymus Beck, claiming to be the professor’s greatest fan.

But everything changes when Jack finds Hiero’s list. Five sheets of paper. Five ways to commit a murder.

His student has told him he’s writing a crime novel, but is that all he is doing? Caught up in his protégé’s dangerous game, the mild-mannered professor finds himself asking how far will he go to save a life. As far as murder?

Pages: 384
Publication Year: 2022
Publisher: Fremantle Press
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Brett Adams

Brett Adams was raised in country Western Australia and lives in Perth. He has a PhD in Computer Science that taught him to love puzzles, and a family who taught him to love stories (or vice versa). He writes fiction across a range of genres and has been known to plant an easter egg or […]