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Salt Story

Written by Sarah Drummond


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In this warm, lively, salty account of living on and by the sea, Drummond writes of fishing and feuds, of life as an apprentice fisherwoman, and of all the fish that got away.

Salt Story pays homage to sea-dogs, fisherwomen, oystermen and storytellers everywhere.


‘… a unique and atmospheric offering.’ Australian Book Review

‘It’s a lyrical and utterly absorbing account of a fragile industry and a precarious way of life. [five out of five stars]’ Adelaide Advertiser

‘… a thoroughly original mosaic of stories and atmospheric pieces …’ Canberra Times

‘… beautifully written, evocative of a fading world, yet measured, the author reining in her obvious zeal.’ Weekend Australian

‘… wry poetic slices of life as a fisherwoman.’ The Age

‘Too few writers capture the essence of now: the flavour, smell, feel, language. But Sarah Drummond has done it. This is real, but you know this way of life won’t last. Her account of a fishing community on the south coast of Western Australia is a gift. Salt – a real person but not his real name – delivers his philosophy while teaching Sarah the tricks, craft and dodges of making a living from the sea. Salt should be sent to lecture in the corridors of Canberra and corporate board rooms. Vital reading.’ Chris Pash, author of The Last Whale

‘Catch of the day.’ Australian Way Qantas in-flight magazine

‘… she weaves magic into the written word, conjuring sights, sound and smells so vivid that they leave a taste in the reader’s mouth.’ Have a Go News



Western Australian Premier’s Book Awards (Shortlisted 2014)
Dobbie Literary Award (Shortlisted 2014)

Pages: 208
Publication Year: 2013
Publisher: Fremantle Press
ISBN: 9781922089069
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Sarah Drummond

Sarah Drummond has completed a PhD in history from Murdoch University. She has had essays and short fiction published in Purple Prose, Shadow Plays: an anthology of speculative fiction, Short Stories Australia, indigo journal, The Best Australian Essays 2010, LINQ Journal Kurungabaa Journal and Overland. She lives on the south coast of Western Australia. “