Seasoned crime novelists David Whish-Wilson and Pol Koutsakis discuss their current and upcoming books, cross-cultural humour and sense of place in their stories for this week’s Love to Read Local Radio with Fremantle Press

The Fremantle Press Podcast
The Fremantle Press Podcast
Seasoned crime novelists David Whish-Wilson and Pol Koutsakis discuss their current and upcoming books, cross-cultural humour and sense of place in their stories for this week's Love to Read Local Radio with Fremantle Press

What do you get when you put two criminal masterminds together? David Whish-Wilson and Pol Koutsakis talking books! In this fascinating episode, the pair discuss the hero – or antihero – in Pol’s two books, Athenian Blues and Baby Blue. Stratos Gazis, an ‘ethical hitman’, has a moral code that controls his choices and leads to intrigue. David’s PI Frank Swann is in a similar boat, falling into the thick of criminal dealings when all he wants is a simple, happy life as a family man.

The authors discuss how the prevailing sense of place in their novels is an integral part of their writing – Athens during the financial crisis for Pol, and Perth, Western Australia, for David. Then they go international to discuss their experiences of working with European publishing houses. Pol shares the intricacies of translating his own work into English and David talks about the German translation of one of his books.

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About this week’s guests, David Whish-Wilson and Pol Koutsakis

David Whish-Wilson was born in Newcastle, New South Wales, but grew up in Singapore, Victoria and Western Australia. He left Australia aged 18 to live for a decade in Europe, Africa and Asia. He is the author of The Summons, The Coves and three crime novels in the Frank Swann series – Line of Sight, Zero at the Bone and Old Scores – with the fourth, Shore Leave, to be released in November 2020. His non-fiction book, Perth, part of the NewSouth Books city series, was shortlisted for a WA Premier’s Book Award. David lives in Fremantle and coordinates the creative writing program at Curtin University.

Books by David Whish-Wilson

Derby (with Sean Gorman, Fremantle Press)

Line of Sight (Penguin)

Old Scores (Fremantle Press)

Perth (New South Publishing)

Shore Leave (coming soon, Fremantle Press November 2020)

The Coves (Fremantle Press)

The Summons (Random House)

True West (Fremantle Press)

Zero at the Bone (Penguin)

David online:

David on socials: @davidwhishwilson on Instagram and @DaveWhishWilson on Twitter

Pol (Polychronis) Koutsakis writes novels, plays and screenplays. He was born in Chania, Greece, and in 2016, moved to Perth with his family. Pol’s first novel Athenian Blues was published by Bitter Lemon Press in 2017 in the UK, USA and Australia. Baby Blue, the second novel in the Stratos Gazis series was published in 2018. Pol won the National Award for best Young Adult novel in Greece in 2016 for his novel Just One Breath. The same novel won the best YA novel of the year award in the literary magazine’s “The Reader” annual awards.

Books (in translation) by Pol Koutsakis

Athenian Blues (Bitter Lemon Press)

Baby Blue (Bitter Lemon Press)

Pol online:

Pol on socials: @polkou on Twitter

Love to Read Local recommendations and books discussed

Mysteries of Cinema by Adrian Martin (UWA Publishing)

Alan Carter

Cormac Reilly series by Dervla McTiernan (HarperCollins)

Dave Warner

I Shot the Devil by Ruth McIver (Hachette)

Red Can Origami by Madelaine Dickie (Fremantle Press)

Sara Foster

Sense of Place: A Response to an Environment, the Swan Coastal Plain, Western Australia by George Seddon (University of Western Australia Press)

Shadow Lines by Stephen Kinnane (Fremantle Press)

The People of Perth: A Social History of Western Australia’s Capital City by Tom Stannage (Perth City Council)

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