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Proudly not for profit, we believe in the power of storytelling, and the value of reading and sharing perspectives as a way of enriching our culture and understanding. 

Our story

Fremantle Press invests in storytellers from all walks of life and across all genres. We ensure that all Australian’s get to see themselves represented in books. We improve literacy by getting books into the hands of young readers. We keep Western Australian culture alive by publishing important local stories. Fremantle Press makes sure Western Australian stories are recognised nationally and internationally.

How to Support us

Fremantle Press sales are robust and community support is strong. But we rely on the generosity of donors, funding bodies and corporate partners to help realise our ambitious program of nurturing emerging storytellers while publishing a wide range of new and inclusive books. Here’s how you can help.

Books for Little Bookaburras

Help us improve literacy by getting exciting local stories into the hands of the next generation of readers. First picture books are so important in shaping early experiences, and we can carry the memory of a great story with us throughout our lives. Since 2023 the Books for Little Bookaburras program has shared over 19,000 books with kindergarten-age children across WA.

Investing in storytellers

Help launch the careers of new storytellers. Do you remember your first big break? A visible, accessible and community-focussed publishing house makes all the difference to local writers and artists. Through the City of Fremantle Hungerford Award, the Fogarty Literary Award and strategic partnerships with writing centres, Fremantle Press plays a crucial role in providing pathways to publication and success for Western Australian storytellers.

Championing local stories

Join our wonderful group of Fremantle Press Champions of Literature. An annual investment of $1000 or more supports the entire Fremantle Press publishing program and helps publish an annual Champions of Literature book.

Our partners