Mark Smith, Rhett Davis and Toni Jordan celebrate the life and music of Nick Cave at Local Words Writers Festival

   August 24, 2024
   Geelong Library and Heritage Centre (The Dome)

Join Mark Smith, Rhett Davis and Toni Jordan at the Local Words Writers Festival for an evening of music, live readings, and adoration for one of Australia’s music legends. The panel will feature discussion about their contributions from Into Your Arms: Nick Cave’s Songs Reimagined.

Immerse yourself in the sublime poetry of Caitlin Maling this poetry month at the City of Fremantle Town Hall on Tuesday 1 August at 7 pm.


Writers in the Library – Marie O’Rourke

   August 17, 2024
   Mandurah Library

Be swept away by Marie O’Rourke as she discusses her debut memoir, Kintsugi.

In activity one, ask your students to draw the elements of a stage. Working together or solo, have them plan a dance, making sure it has all the elements to wow an audience. Activity two teaches dance vocabulary using a crossword puzzle. Further discussion questions for Breaking Pointe include: You can download the activity sheets here and, for more […]

Activity Sheet
'Set The Stage/Dance Challenge'

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Mark Greenwood shares mysterious true Australian stories in his junior fiction series, beginning with The Dragon’s Treasure and The Vanishing. In the teaching activity for The Dragon’s Treasure, budding reporters share the story of discovering treasure on a remote West Australian beach, using the newspaper template for the Pirate Times. For The Vanishing, kids create their own comic strip: drawing the moment […]

Activity Sheet
'Create A Comic/Dig Up A Story'

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If you’ve ever wanted to listen to this iconic novel – the first by an Indigenous author to win the Miles Franklin Literary Award – you now can, thanks to Wavesound. From one of Australia’s most revered storytellers, Benang sheds light on the ongoing struggle for cultural preservation and is an epic and beautiful story […]

Personal Logistics details the poet’s experiences and observations of life in Kununurra and the East Kimberley, as someone who has worked as a farmhand and as a stay-at-home dad. Coursing through the collection, in both the wet season and the dry, are the dual themes of naturally flowing water and hydroelectricity, without which Kununurra would […]

Mark Greenwood is a history hunter. He enjoys searching for lost explorers and glittering treasure, delving into baffling mysteries and investigating famous cold cases. In this piece, he shares his passion for the unexplained and how that resulted in a new series of books. Why these mysteries in particular? I’m hooked on mystery, history and […]


Anchors Away at South Coast Readers & Writers Festival 2024 with editor of Avast! Michael Earp

   July 13, 2024
   Thirroul District Community Centre & Library

Get your day or weekend pass to the South Coast Readers & Writers Festival and visit Fremantle Press author and editor of Avast! Pirate Stories From Transgender Authors, Michael Earp.

Holding a published copy of One Wrong Turn in my hands was a dream come true. I never entertained the idea of there being a sequel and the fact that it now exists is largely thanks to the enthusiasm of Australia’s dance community and of course, the wonderful team at Fremantle Press! Dance has been […]


Chenee Marrapodi takes the dance party to Victoria with a book launch at Readings Kids, Carlton

   July 13, 2024
   Readings Kids, Carlton

Author Chenée Marrapodi is about to put the pep in your step in the heart of Melbourne with the launch of Breaking Pointe, the thrilling sequel to One Wrong Turn.

As Australia’s last great unregulated waterway, the Martuwarra Fitzroy River represents potential untapped revenue for government, farmers and industry. It has both Western Australian Aboriginal Cultural and National Heritage listings – and is a venerated Living Ancestor who must be protected. Tossed Up By the Beak of a Cormorant: Poems of Martuwarra Fitzroy River is […]

About the show The life of beloved children’s author Julia Lawrinson is stranger than fiction – and she draws on all her power as a storyteller to turn a life of intense headlines into a wild, marvellous tale. In the third episode of this six-part series, Julia delves into her family history to examine the […]


James Foley, Deb Fitpatrick and Renae Hayward at Telling Tales in Balingup

   July 6, 2024
   Balingup - Various Locations

Join children’s authors Deb Fitzpatrick, James Foley and Renae Hayward down south this weekend at the children’s festival Telling Tales in Balingup, proudly sponsored by the Shire of Donnybrook-Balingup.

The Fogarty Literary Award

Libby Book Club for WA: Brooke Dunnell

   July 17, 2024

Last Best Chance is the perfect choice for book club members seeking material relating to motherhood and the emotional journey of fertility.

We were excited to hear Kim Scott and Tony Birch discuss their bodies of work and how writing fiction is a way to speak to and dismantle the past.

Say Hooray by Renae Hayward and Rebecca Mills has been identified as one of the best Australian books to help children get the most literate start in life. Judged by a panel of Certified Practising Speech Pathologists with specific knowledge and skill in children’s language and literature development, the Speech Pathology Book of the Year […]

Nedingar: Ancestors, a bilingual picture book by Isobel Bevis and Leanne Zilm, has been shortlisted for the Karajia Award by the Wilderness Society of Australia. Launched in 2022, the Karajia Award for Children’s Literature celebrates the First Nations authors illustrators who create children’s books that honour a connection to Country and tell stories exploring land, […]

The 2024 Western Australian Premier’s Book Awards were announced this evening at the State Library of Western Australia, with debut novelist Michael Thomas winning in the emerging writers’ category worth $15,000. In his speech Michael said he was extremely proud to win an award for a book that was based on his forebears. Michael said, […]

In A Leaf Called Greaf, Greaf changes with the seasons, and so does Bear. As Greaf leaves him, Bear feels a lightness and warmth that he had almost forgotten. Greaf has gone, but Bear knows its memory will hold a special place in his heart forever. In this activity, we ask children to draw their […]

Activity Sheet
'What Does Your Emotion Look Like?'

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In 1989, Mecak Ajang Alaak led the Lost Boys on a four-year journey from Ethiopia to Kenya to protect them from becoming child soldiers. To understand these countries better, create a country profile for each of the following four countries: South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya. This activity gives kids the opportunity to learn practical […]

Activity Sheet
'Create A Profile For These African Countries'

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As one of the Fogarty Literary Award judges, I am delighted to present to you our third Fogarty Literary Award winner’s book: The Skeleton House. This book caught my attention from the very first sentence. I rode the waves of foreboding and revelation with my heart in my mouth. It is one of those books […]

Tell us about Avast! What’s unique about it? Avast! is the first anthology of its kind to be traditionally published in this country! It’s fiction entirely written by transgender authors, each exploring the prompt of pirates. Why pirates? Why not?! When we were offered the chance to choose a theme ourselves, we wanted something playful but […]

Children’s publisher Cate Sutherland says, ‘When we first shortlisted Father of the Lost Boys for the City of Fremantle Hungerford Award, we didn’t know then what we know now – that the book would be embraced by readers and that working with Yuot would be such a delight. Both are great reasons for us to […]