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Patsy Millett, the author of Inseparable Elements: Dame Mary Durack was the guest speaker at the Perth/Crawley Rotary Club on the occasion of World Polio Day 2022. Her sister, Robin Miller, is celebrated as a pioneer of delivering Polio vaccine to remote communities, saving countless lives. This is Patsy’s speech:

Writer and two-time Miles Franklin Literary Award winner Professor Kim Scott from the Faculty of Humanities at Curtin University has been awarded the title John Curtin Distinguished Professor. Introduced in 2005, the title is for exceptional teaching and research skills, or scholarly, creative or artistic achievements. In a media release on the Curtin University website, […]

Fremantle Press is proud to announce that cultural leader and entrepreneur Barry McGuire has agreed to become the Fremantle Press patron. The highly acclaimed visual artist and cultural advisor was appointed on Tuesday 14 June 2022. Barry said he was looking forward to helping Fremantle Press further expand its profile, and that his aim and […]

Nandi Chinna has won the Western Australian Writer’s Fellowship as part of the Western Australian Premier’s Prize.

Jane Fraser has resigned as CEO of Fremantle Press after 15 years at the helm. Describing her time at the Press as the highlight of her 35+ years in publishing, Jane said, ‘If ever there was a right time to leave, this is it – I have every confidence that the Press is in the […]


Portland Jones on Only Birds Above

   August 9, 2022
   Mandurah Library

Spend the afternoon at Mandurah Library listening to Portland Jones talk about her novel, Only Birds Above, a historical fiction novel of two wars that divide and unite a father and son, and all the years that lie in between.


The Silence of Water with Sharron Booth

   July 11, 2022
   Subiaco Library

Come along to Subiaco Library’s author talk with Sharron Booth where she discusses her new book, The Silence of Water.


Creative Workshop with Kathryn Lefroy

   July 12, 2022
   Open Book, Mosman Park

Book in these school holidays for a creative storytelling workshop with local author, Kathryn Lefroy, at Open Book.


Author Conversation with Brigid Lowry

   June 30, 2022
   Open Book, Mosman Park

For a beautiful, bookish evening head along to the Open Book to hear local author, Brigid Lowry, in conversation with Joanna Morrison.

Twelve Fremantle Press writers have been shortlisted in the 2021 WA Premier’s Book Awards across four categories; three authors have made it onto the Speech Pathology Award Shortlist and two are shortlisted in the Comic Arts Awards of Australia 2021 WA Premier’s Book Awards In the emerging writers category, the novels Eye of a Rook […]

I am not a reluctant reader. Quite the opposite, in fact. For as long as I can remember, given the choice between just about anything and a good book, the pages always win. And yet somehow I write books that engage reluctant readers. I didn’t set out to do this – I didn’t even realise […]

Growing up, Kathryn Lefroy was not allowed to watch television, and was instead encouraged to create stories for herself and read books. Kathryn gave up writing for fun when academia and university studies took her away from her path. So when she did circle back to it, Kathryn said she made a conscious decision not […]

Synchronicity – it’s a ‘thing’ for many authors. During the research and writing of each story in my historical ‘Light’ series I’ve experienced delightfully unnerving coincidences, making me wonder how books come about. Do I choose the story or does the story choose me? In the case of The Last Light Horse, perhaps it’s the […]

Citizen science is about scientists and volunteers working together on real-life, hands-on research. You and your students can contribute to some amazing projects and discoveries, all from the comfort of your computer. The Australian Citizen Science Project Finder lists more than 500 projects to get involved with. Here are seven of my favourite: PlatypusSPOT Okay, […]


Nadia Rhook: Book launch

   July 1, 2022
   Readings Emporium, Melbourne

Celebrate the release of Nadia Rhook’s new poetry collection, Second Fleet Baby, at the beautiful Readings Emporium shop.

From the wacky and wonderful world of Cristy Burne, ‘Beneath the Trees‘ is a wilderness adventure story like no other. In this activity, kids can join Cam and Sophie on their quest for survival in Eungella National Park in Queensland. Cristy’s make your own mega-leech and paper bag platypus are sure to get the stories […]

Activity Sheet
'Beneath The Trees Activity Sheet'

Download activity sheet

A change in the weather may be here but you can keep the summer holiday adventures alive with Cristy Burne’s activity booklet. Inspired by her book To the Lighthouse, an adventure packed story about friends Isaac and Emmy exploring Rottnest Island, Cristy has put together a host of activities for kids to do, either by […]

Activity Sheet
'To The Lighthouse Activity Workbook'

Download activity sheet

Australian animals are unique and interesting in so many ways. Sadly, many are endangered, yet people know little about them. Here are some interesting facts about the animals that appear in my picture book Where Do the Stars Go? I hope these lists give you lots to talk about when you read my book. Brushtail […]

Chosen as Apple’s Book of the Month in April, one reviewer described Brigid’s book, A Year of Loving Kindness to Myself, and Other Essays, as ‘an exquisitely unembellished Zen lesson in the art of attention’. As Brigid explains below, cultivating that attention can be a key source of inspiration for students in creative writing. Lists […]

This book didn’t start life as a book. It began as therapeutic journaling to deal with the trauma that re-emerged when the man who violently attacked me in my workplace was, some twenty-five years later, arrested and charged with brutal rape and murder. When Bradley Robert Edwards was arrested in 2016 for a series of […]

He’s over there! I recently finished reading How to End a Story, Helen Garner’s third volume of her edited diaries. I read it as my daughter was studying Monkey Grip for her VCE. In a captivating February session at the Perth Festival Writers Weekend, Garner told interviewer Gillian O’Shaughnessy that some reviewers complained that Monkey […]


Disrupted Festival of Ideas: Unlimited Futures

   June 19, 2022
   State Library Theatre - Ground Floor

Hear from Chemutai Glasheen and Afeif Ismail, contributors of Unlimited Futures, as they speak with Rafeif Ismail about the stories they wished existed when they were growing up and what inspired them to write their pieces in this new anthology.


Enjoy high tea with Writers in the Library

   June 18, 2022
   Seashells Resort, Mandurah

Take part in the City of Mandurah Big Read this winter as they feature amazing local authors Karen Herbert, Leigh Straw and Emma Young.