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Fremantle Press books are a wonderful way to inspire clients, reward employees and engage visitors to Western Australia. Fremantle Press is a proudly not-for-profit team of publishers, authors and artists who bring our uniquely Western Australian stories to the world. By choosing a Fremantle Press book for your next corporate gift, you are honouring local creators and helping keep our culture alive.

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Would you like to support Fremantle Press and your organisation by running a fundraising campaign?

Here’s how it works:

  • Make a bulk purchase of Fremantle Press books at our fundraising discount
  • Sell the books to your networks at the recommended retail price
  • You keep the difference
  • Return unused books in saleable condition for a discount on unsold books

For more information, contact the Fremantle Press customer service team by emailing or calling 08 9430 6331 or refer to our fundraising FAQs.

Branding and promotions

Fremantle Press can:

  • Sticker an existing Fremantle Press book with your brand and message
  • Create a book voucher or bookmark featuring your brand and message
  • Print a short-run edition of one of our new release paperbacks featuring your brand and message
  • Create a custom publication

For a quote contact CEO Jane Fraser,