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ISBN: 9781760992910
Dimensions: B+ Format: 20.5x13.8cm
Pages: 288
Publication year: 2024
Publisher: Fremantle Press
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Death Holds The Key

Written by Alexander Thorpe

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When loathed landholder Fred O’Donnell is found dead in a locked room with a bullet in his chest, rookie Detective Hartley must seek help from a mysterious wanderer to solve the case. And it’s one where everyone, including his family, has a motive and a secret to keep.

Featuring the mendicant monk from Thorpe’s previous novel, Death Leaves the Station, readers will be drawn into the world of small-town Western Australia in the late 1920s, delighting in the characters as they navigate the strained sensibilities and dark secrets of the past.

Full of twists and turns, this seemingly impossible murder mysteryis cosy crime writing at its finest.

Pages: 288
Publication Year: 2024
Publisher: Fremantle Press
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Alexander Thorpe

Alexander Thorpe is from Fremantle, Western Australia. He has written advertising copy for pool cleaners and concrete supply companies, taught English in Joseph Stalin’s hometown and almost managed to read half of James Joyce’s Ulysses twice (which is more or less the same as having almost managed to read the whole book). Alex has written […]