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ISBN: 9781760991241
Dimensions: 23.5x23cm
Pages: 40
Publication year: 2022
Publisher: Fremantle Press
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Lion Is That You?

Written by Moira Court

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‘Come on, let’s take a good look around. Are there really lions to be found?’ Rumours abound of ex-circus cats roaming wild in the hills. But are the stories true? Join in the search, and discover lots of different animals in the Australian bush along the way.


‘This book for young children is a visual quest, a simple, informative read about Australian animals and, with the verse text, joyful to read.’ Story Links

‘Kids and adults will laugh out loud as they read of the animals and note their traits as well as the environment in which each lives, depicted in the stunning illustrations.’ ReadPlus

‘Beautifully descriptive language, collective nouns, positional language and alliteration abound – all words chosen carefully and precisely to accurately reflect nature and the rich environment of the bush.’ Reading Time

‘The highly detailed illustrations are almost mosaic-like in places and, with the boldness of the colours and the occasional small splashes of contrasting hues, quite stunning in their beauty. There is a wealth of detail in these skilfully crafted collage illustrations, pleasing and yet mysterious, as if they are, in places, Indigenous dot paintings with stylishly executed double page spread scenes.’ Magpies

‘Fused with inventive storytelling, the pictures invite the young reader to search and learn and wonder.’ Writing WA

‘Court’s distinctive, detailed illustrations – which layer woodblock prints, screen prints and collage – are an ideal fit for this style of storytelling …’ The West

‘Every page is superbly illustrated and so detailed that the littlies will want to read it again and again.’ Good Reading


Premier’s Prize for Children’s Book of the Year (Shortlisted 2023)

Pages: 40
Publication Year: 2022
Publisher: Fremantle Press
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Moira Court

Moira Court grew up in the West Country, England. She emigrated to Australia in 2001 and now lives in the Perth Hills with her husband, daughter and fur children. An artist and illustrator, she predominantly works in printmaking and likes to chop up the failures to use for collaging. Her work is inspired by nature, […]