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ISBN: 9781925815764
Dimensions: 29.5x22.5cm
Pages: 32
Publication year: 2020
Publisher: Fremantle Press
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Written by Kelly Canby


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When bricks start to go missing from the town of Littlelight, the mayor whips his citizens into a frenzy of aggravation. But when the townspeople find the thief, and her motive, they discover perhaps it is the mayor who is the problem.

Illustrated in moody black and white with dynamic neon highlights, this is a thought-provoking tale of tolerance and acceptance.


‘Kelly Canby’s distinctive scribbly illustrations are enjoyably tactile and energetic … With this work, author/illustrator Canby further confirms her reputation as an innovative and thought-provoking storyteller.’ Books+Publishing

‘This little book packs some serious themes about keeping an open mind, staying connected, limiting elected authority, and the power of one person to make a positive difference.’ Magpies

‘Parents, teachers and kids will all find different things to appreciate in this timely and visually striking picture book …’ Weekend West

‘Along with the brilliant artwork, the repetition of text and sophisticated vocabulary is intriguing for curious minds and will leave readers enlightened.’ Kids’ Book Review

‘Striking illustrations complete this quality picture book.’ Pinerolo

Littlelight reads like a fairy-tale; this timeless quality gives it an authority and a gravity that suits its serious subject matter, while the resolution and artwork keep it always optimistic.’ Picture Book Parents

‘… a thought-provoking tale of tolerance and acceptance.’ Copyright Australia


Children’s Peace Literature Award (Shortlist 2021)
West Australian Young Readers’ Book Award (Shortlist 2021)
Western Australian Premier’s Prize for Writing for Children (Shortlisted 2021)
Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Awards (Notable 2021)

Pages: 32
Publication Year: 2020
Publisher: Fremantle Press
ISBN: 9781925815764
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Kelly Canby

Kelly Canby is an internationally published illustrator and author. Kelly was born in London, but has lived in Australia since the age of three, which is probably around the same age she started playing with pencils and crayons, and it was probably only a few years after that that she decided playing with pencils and […]