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ISBN: 9781760990466
Dimensions: 20.8x14cm
Pages: 256
Publication year: 2021
Publisher: Fremantle Press
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The River Mouth

Written by Karen Herbert

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Fifteen-year-old Darren Davies is found facedown in the Weymouth River with a gunshot wound to his chest. The killer is never found and his death remains a mystery. Ten years later, his mother receives a visit from the local police. Sandra’s best friend has been found dead on a remote Pilbara road. And Barbara’s DNA matches the DNA found under Darren’s fingernails. When the investigation into her son’s murder is reopened, Sandra begins to question what she knew about her best friend. As she digs, she discovers that there are many secrets in her small town, and that her murdered son had secrets too.


‘… tautly plotted, brilliantly characterised, and laced with venomous moments that lay bare the town’s racial and criminal histories. The River Mouth marks the debut of a brilliant new voice in Australian crime fiction.’ David Whish-Wilson

The River Mouth is the kind of crime novel which hooks you in from the first chapter and doesn’t let up until the very end.’ Better Reading

‘… works to gradually ramp up the suspense as Herbert advances her intricate and deftly handled puzzle of a plot …’ West Australian

‘… a stunning debut that will keep you guessing till the last chapter …’ Readings

The River Mouth by Karen Herbert plays out as a crime novel, but is just as much a social commentary about sexism, racism, and secrets. It’s dark and absorbing …’ Beauty and Lace

The River Mouth is more than just your regular whodunnit. It’s a slow-burning thriller that reveals hints of plot twists bit-by-bit. It’s a compelling story about friendship, family, and dark deeds, one that will have you questioning just who you can really trust.’ Writing WA

‘You’re not going to want to put this literary and lyrical crime novel down until you’re finished.’ AU Review

‘Karen Herbert’s The River Mouth is an impressive debut crime novel set in a small coastal town in Western Australia.’ Reading Matters

‘Herbert weaves a complicated web of untrustworthy characters – including the narrators – keeping you on the edge of your seat until the very end. The River Mouth is a gripping crime debut from Karen Herbert …’ Weekend Australian

‘Soaked in small-town atmosphere this is a good first bow that has me looking forward to an encore.’ Good Reading Magazine

‘… great to see a West Australian author offer her own contribution to this growing field of fiction.’ Mrs B’s Book Reviews

Pages: 256
Publication Year: 2021
Publisher: Fremantle Press
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Karen Herbert

Karen Herbert is the author of The River Mouth (2021) and The Cast Aways of Harewood Hall (2022). She spent her childhood in Geraldton on the midwest coast of Australia, attending local schools before moving to Perth to study at the University of Western Australia where she attained a Bachelor of Commerce and Master of […]