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ISBN: 9781760994648
Dimensions: 19.8x13cm
Pages: 296
Publication year: 2024
Publisher: Fremantle Press
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The Secret of the Stone

Written by Kathryn Lefroy

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When Olive and her friends find a mysterious stone and discover it grants wishes, they think their lives are made. Sure, they’re going to save the world and all that stuff, but there are a few fun things they want to do first. Then they realise other people are looking for the stone. People who will stop at nothing to get it …

As the stakes get higher, secrets are kept, loyalties are questioned, and promises are broken. How much are Olive and her friends willing to risk to make all their dreams come true?

Sometimes funny, sometimes scary, always gripping, this is an endearing story of friendship, family and navigating your way in the world.

Pages: 296
Publication Year: 2024
Publisher: Fremantle Press
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Kathryn Lefroy

Kathryn writes novels, screenplays, articles — and the occasional shopping list. She has a PhD in marketing, several screenwriting credits, and her stories have appeared in magazines, journals and online. She spends way too much time in conversation with imaginary characters, and not-so-secretly wishes she lived in a dance movie.