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ISBN: 9781921361784
Dimensions: 29.5x1.5cm
Pages: 224
Publication year: 2010
Publisher: Fremantle Press
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Wildflower Country: Discovering Biodiversity in Australia’s Southwest

Written by Kaisa BreedenStanley Breeden


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There are few other places on earth where flowers are so all pervasive, so varied and as sumptuous as in south-west Western Australia. It is one of 39 special places in the world, named International Biodiversity Hotspots, where there have been explosions of evolution – veritable cauldrons of species making.

Award-winning photographers Stanley and Kaisa Breeden journey into this unique landscape. Part fine art photography, part travelogue, this book will delight nature lovers everywhere.


‘This is a beautiful collection of fine art photography held together with a travelogue about the diverse flowers of this area.’ Australian Geographic

Wildflower Country is a large format hardback book whose photographic images are so vivid, you’ll find yourself reaching out to touch them or simply wanting to get closer for a better view.’ Realmark Magazine

Wildflower Country’s 200 images, brought to life on the page by the craft and passion of the Breedens serves as an invitation: come and discover these wonders for yourself.’ Discovery, Cathay Pacific in-flight magazine

‘Part fine art photography and part travelogue, Wildflower Country features some 200 stunning fine photographs of Western Australia …’ Courier-Mail

‘Stan Breeden is one of Australia’s pioneering nature photographers and writers, and the stunning photographs are a result of his techniques in digital photography.’ Blues Country Magazine

‘The photographs in this book of mostly familiar flowers and plants will mean you’ll never look at them the same way again. They’re stunning.’ Scoop Magazine

‘Stanley Breeden is one of the revered veterans of Australian nature and landscape photography, who is today pushing the boundaries of digital imaging with his chosen subjects to even greater limits.’ Australian Photography Magazine

‘The book is testament to the beautiful diversity of WA’s wildflowers and is the culmination of six years of research into pioneering techniques in digital photography.’ The Senior

‘While the Breedens’ book will sit on many naturalists’ bookshelves, it’s also a breakthrough in the art of close-up nature photography.’ Better Photography

‘… The Breedens have dedicated themselves over many years to producing the best quality images which technology can create, and in this their latest volume, they’ve succeeded admirably.’ Australian Photography

Pages: 224
Publication Year: 2010
Publisher: Fremantle Press
ISBN: 9781921361784
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Kaisa Breeden

Kaisa Breeden is a third-generation artist who is captivated by the mastery of digital photography and fine-art printing. Since convincing her husband Stan to go digital, the pair have specialised in macro nature photography using natural light.

Stanley Breeden

Stanley Breeden began photography as a teenager in the late 1950s. He has published books on Australian and Indian wildlife and has contributed to most major English-language nature magazines. Stan has been the recipient of two Emmy Awards for his work as a documentary maker with National Geographic.