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Fremantle Press Logos

Fremantle Press logos are for use by the media, our partners and our book designers. They are copyright protected. Please do not scan the Fremantle Press logo or request that an artist or designer recreate it for you. For permission to use the files provided below please contact Fremantle Press at Fremantle Press may request a page proof before approving the use of its logo.

Please note: Fremantle Press has very specific requirements for logo use on books and marketing materials. If you are a freelance designer contracted to work on a Fremantle Press book or marketing project, please discuss these requirements with the staff member responsible for managing your project.

Using the logo on another website

The logo should appear exactly as displayed and should not be resized or amended in any way. The dimensions should be set proportionally so that the logo is not distorted. Where possible you should also link to the Fremantle Press website from the logo.

Size and spacing

The logo must be sized no smaller than 41 mm wide, with a minimum exclusion zone around the entire logo of X (see image below) where X is no smaller than 2 mm. Where the logo appears with other logos, provided it is no smaller than 41 mm, the logo should appear equal in size to the logos of the partner organisations.

exclusion zone
File types

The eps logo is for external print production and this format should be familiar to your printer. The jpg logo is suitable for onscreen use or for use on documents produced internally using, for example, Microsoft Word with an internal printer.

Colour and reversed formats

Marketing materials that appear in mono publications should use the logo in black, black at 65% opacity or mono reversed. Colour versions of the logo should use Pantone 193 or web #bf0a30. Colour versions of the logo are available from

Fremantle Press eps logo

Fremantle Press jpg logo
Fremantle Press Horizontal Web
Fremantle Press mono reversed