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ISBN: 9781760992644
Dimensions: B+ Format: 20.5x13.8cm
Pages: 256
Publication year: 2024
Publisher: Fremantle Press
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Written by Marie O’Rourke

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All her life, Marie O’Rourke has been a Good Girl, a perfectionist, using words to apply golden seams to an imperfect life in an attempt to make something beautiful out of things that are flawed or broken. A volatile father, the death of a sister far too young, a faltering marriage, the ghosts of lovers past: these are just some of the fragments that Marie puts together again in these essays that explore her closest relationships as a daughter, sister, mother, wife and lover.

With exquisite prose, Marie reflects on the beauty of brokenness and the ways in which time can transform our understanding of truth, forgiveness, and healing. These essays are a poignant reminder that some things cannot be fixed but can still hold immense beauty and meaning. Whether you’ve experienced similar struggles, or are seeking a deeper understanding of the human experience, Marie’s collection will leave you moved and inspired.

How many of us feel our family life is not picture perfect? This book will resonate with those who are interested in exploring the human condition through universal themes of love and loss, forgiveness and redemption.


‘An ultimately affirming memoir of familial rupture, grief and growth emerges mosaic-like from a series of short, stylistically diverse narratives. Kintsugi combines autobiographical moments with often essay-like reflections on these, and on apt quotes from historical and contemporary writers, revealing ways of creating a coherent self from a fractured life’ Simone Lazaro

‘… a remarkable construction … a kind of manifesto in its depiction and especially in its valuing of female experience, in its careful and finally passionate depiction of how patriarchy works to make girls into women who will serve its needs as they serve the needs of the individual men it empowers.’ Katherine Coles

Pages: 256
Publication Year: 2024
Publisher: Fremantle Press
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Marie O’Rourke

Entranced by the power of words from birth, Marie O’Rourke spent many years reading, analysing, and teaching the stories of others before working up the nerve to start shaping her own. That story culminated in a PhD from Curtin University, where her research and writing pushed against the tradition of first-person, past-tense, chronological, narrative memoir, […]