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ISBN: 9781760992002
Dimensions: C Format: 23x15.2cm
Pages: 288
Publication year: 2023
Publisher: Fremantle Press
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Running Deep: An Australian Submarine Life

Written by Peter Scott

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From conducting top-secret missions to making history commanding the farthest deployment in the history of the Australian submarine service, Commodore Peter Scott depicts what it takes to be a Submariner.

Over a decorated 34-year career, Commodore Scott served in 10 submarines, passed the most demanding military command course in the world and served as the Head of Profession of the Submarine Arm of the Royal Australian Navy. During that time his character was forged by the challenges of naval service, success and failure as a leader, catastrophic onboard disasters while dived, and life-threatening traumas. Along the way, he also endured personal battles with self-doubt, addiction, depression and anxiety.

In this honest and enlightening tale, he shares his quest for self-acceptance, and for the courage, commitment and compassion to lead the warriors of Australia’s Silent Service.


‘Peace and war for a submariner are much the same. Service with our Navy’s main strike weapon is a mystery for most Australians. If we are to comprehend the terms of our survival, we must know. This beautifully written memoir is our key. It needs a wider audience.’ The Honourable Kim Beazley AC

‘… an absorbing, often searing account of the life of a submariner and a Navy leader. Peter’s story chronicles the modern life of our critical strategic deterrent – the RAN’s submarine arm.’ General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK AC (Mil) CVO MC (Retd)

‘Personal and full of integrity, a great account of the ups and downs of serving Australia as an outstanding submariner.’ Air Chief Marshal Sir Angus Houston AK, AFC (Ret’d)

‘… [Peter Scott] creates a vivid picture of life below the waves, from the surreal quiet of silent running – he stresses the crucial nature of stealth both for the sub’s survival and its lethal capacity – to the dangers of submarine life in war or peace.’ Sydney Morning Herald

‘A must read for any young person intending to follow in Peter Scott’s footsteps into the submarine service and wear the famous dolphin insignia with pride. Scott is refreshingly candid about his career, expressing opinions he probably would not – or could not – have done as a serving officer.’ Military Books Australia

‘An admirable read for anyone contemplating life in a submarining career, or for anyone who wants to understand them more – especially as Australia is in the middle of a great transition regarding this weapon of deterrence – or for anyone who likes an autobiography with a difference. Highly recommended.’ Australian Naval Institute

‘Scott’s memoir includes tales of courage, commitment and compassion which capture the mystery, thrill, occasional terror and enduring satisfaction of his life in the submarine service … a good read.’ Royal United Services Institute of Victoria

‘… a fascinating recollection of personal experiences in submarines, both in Australia and in Europe. Peter brings to life his thoughts and deeds as he learns and qualifies to become a submariner.’ Broadside

‘This eye-opening book is timely and humbling.’ EX2 for Defence Innovators

‘Scott takes the reader into life aboard a submarine with Running Deep: An Australian Submarine Life.’ Fremantle Herald

‘A compelling memoir.’ Fremantle Shipping News

‘This exceptional and surprising book should be the top of the list for sitting beside the fire during the winter months and richly imbibing.’ Navy V8N2

Pages: 288
Publication Year: 2023
Publisher: Fremantle Press
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Peter Scott

Peter Scott joined the Royal Australian Navy as a seventeen-year-old and rose over three decades to be the professional head of the Navy’s elite – the Submarine Arm. Having retired from full-time naval service in early 2017, he now works as an Executive Coach to unleash the courage, compassion and wisdom of today’s leaders.