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Fundraising FAQs

What discounts can I expect?

Fremantle Press offers discounts as follows but, depending on the nature of your fundraising, the amount is negotiable.

10+ books 10%
20+ books 20%
50+ books 25%

How much money will I make?

That depends on the number of books you sell and the difference between the discount and the RRP. An example sum is below.

Rafeif would like to raise money for her local kindergarten. She purchases 50 board books from Fremantle Press at a 25% discount and sells all 50 books at the recommended retail price of $14.99. The kindergarten makes $749.50 of which they keep $187.38.

What does saleable condition mean?

It means the book is in pristine condition and can be re-sold by Fremantle Press to another customer.

When do I pay for the books?

Fremantle Press asks that you pay for the books in advance and send you a refund you for any unsold books.

Does Fremantle Press deliver or collect unsold books.

Fremantle Press offers free delivery in Australia for more than two books. However, you are responsible for managing the return of any unsold stock.

More information

Fremantle Press customer service team by emailing or calling 08 9430 6331.