Jen Banyard

Jen Banyard is best known for her tales for middle readers that blend adventure and mystery with lots of laughs, in particular her Riddle Gully series and her earlier novel Spider Lies. The Australian Book Review described her style as ‘smart, funny and insightful’. Her novels have been shortlisted for young readers’ awards and serialised in the West Australian. Jen, who also edits, reviews and gives workshops, has a PhD in creative writing and is based in Fremantle, WA. She believes in hope, persistence and magic, and is currently working on a novel (not a coincidence) for older readers. The ocean is her happy place.

Books from this author

Riddle Gully Secrets
Riddle Gully Runaway
Spider Lies



West Australian Young Readers’ Book Award (Shortlisted 2018)
West Australian Young Readers’ Book Award (Shortlisted 2016)