Neil Porter

With a broad background in technology, psychology and law, Neil Porter brings a unique blend of skills and expertise to his role as founding member and co-chair of the National Australian Positive Schools Initiative. Neil has been instrumental in ensuring the Positive Schools conferences continually highlight the most important ideas and strategies in Positive Education and bring them to an increasingly wide audience. In addition to his role as co-chair of the conferences, Neil is also a co-founder of The Positive Times online magazine for educators, and director of Wise Solutions mental health assessment services for schools. These projects have ensured that advances in school-based wellbeing have been accessed by more than ten thousand schools worldwide. Neil is currently particularly interested in the development of effective platforms for distributing mental health information to teachers, the application of technology to Positive Education and the need for schools to better understand the role of wellbeing in academic learning.

Books from this author

Better than OK: Helping young people to flourish at school and beyond