Wayne Bergmann

Wayne Bergmann is an Indigenous leader from the Kimberley region. He is recognised as one of Australia’s leading advocates for Indigenous self-determination through economic empowerment and opportunity, specialising in native title and mining negotiations, capital and business structuring.

Bergmann is a Nyikina man, boilermaker-welder, lawyer and entrepreneur. He has served as Executive Director of Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre, as well as CEO of the Kimberley Land Council and KRED Enterprises Charitable Foundation. Bergmann was proud to have chaired the Expert Indigenous Working Group for the Coalition of Australian Government investigation into Indigenous Land Administration and Use. 

He is currently Managing Director of Leedal Foundation, an Indigenous enterprise that operates hotels, pubs, a supermarket and a mechanic vehicle servicing business; serves as Executive Chairman of National Indigenous Times, Australia’s largest independent media news business; and is a Professor of Practice at the UNSW Business School of Management and Governance. 

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