Guest Poetry Editor Tracy Ryan wins ABR Poetry Prize

Fremantle Press poet Tracy Ryan won the ABR Poetry Prize worth $4000 for her poem ‘Lost Property’ this month.

The win coincides with Tracy’s appointment to the editorial committee developing Shorelines 2 – a Fremantle Press poetry anthology for new and emerging poets to be published in 2010.

Tracy, whose most recent work includes Scar Revision and Sweet (a novel), said winning the award was a lovely surprise and that she was pleased and honoured to be a part of Shorelines 2.

“It’s exciting to read new work, to help foster it, and to work alongside editors I greatly respect,” said Ryan.

She said living and working in other countries had given her a broad view of poetic trends and possibilities and that it was important to always keep an open mind.

“I remember how crucial that editorial advice on the first book can be!

“A sympathetic but detached editor can help you see where your strengths are, help you to internalise the right kind of self-criticism, increase your confidence,” said Ryan.

Fremantle Press’ Poetry and Fiction Publisher Georgia Richter said Ryan’s win confirmed that the poetry list was going from strength to strength.

“_Shorelines 2_ will be released at the same time as new collections by John Mateer and Caroline Caddy – July 2010 will be the Fremantle Press Poetry Month,” said Richter

“This initiative has been in the pipeline for quite some time and with growing recognition for award-winners like Tracy Ryan and Caroline Caddy, now seems to be the perfect time to devote a month to celebrating their work,” said Richter.

The original Shorelines collection appeared in 1995 and featured Barbara Temperton, Mike Heald and Roland Leach who all went on to distinguish themselves as poets.

The selection committee for Shorelines 2 has three members; Georgia Richter, Wendy Jenkins and Tracy Ryan. They are looking for They are looking for poets of Western Australian origin or whose main place of residence is Western Australia with a facility for language, who demonstrate distinction and a unique voice; this may include poets who work within traditional forms and those who are prepared to take risks.

Tracy Ryan was shortlisted for the ABR Poetry Prize alongside Judith Beveridge, Lisa Gorton, Kathryn Lomer, Rose Lucas and Angela Malone. Previous winners include Judith Bishop and Ross Clark.


  • Fremantle Press Poetry Month will take place in July 2010.
  • Caroline Caddy, winner of the 2008 Wesley Michel Wright Prize for Poetry, and John Mateer will each launch new collections alongside Shorelines 2.
  • These initiatives are part of a strong commitment to foster and support poets and the important cultural contribution they make to Australian literature.
  • Submissions of 40-70 pages are due 15 June 2009. Click here for more details.

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