Destroying Avalon heads for Hungary & Boy on Wire goes audio

Cyberbullying is as much of a problem in Hungary as it is in Australia according to Fremantle Press Rights Manager, Clive Newman.

Newman sold the rights to the teen novel Destroying Avalon by Kate McCaffrey to Hungarian publisher Animus Publishing in Budapest in April 2009.

“When first published in 2006 Destroying Avalon certainly struck a chord with parents and teenagers who were struggling to come to terms with what was then a new phenomenon,” said Newman.

McCaffrey’s novel was the first in Australia to tackle the effects of cyberbullying on young adults.

“It is in its fourth print run in Australia and McCaffrey’s success is now finding an international readership with editions soon to be available in South Korea and Hungary,” said Newman.

Destroying Avalon and In Ecstasy by Kate McCaffrey are both published by Fremantle Press.

Another book to tackle teen bullying, Boy on a Wire, will soon be available in audio format.

Jon Doust’s ‘dislocated memoir’ of his years in a Western Australian boarding school during the sixties has been snapped up by Australia’s largest publisher of unabridged audio books, Louis Braille Audio, and will be released at the end of May on CD.

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