Swanbourne students get a culinary head-start

Award-winning pastry chef and author Emmanuel Mollois will visit Swanbourne Primary School to teach children the art of food appreciation on Friday 15 May.

Mollois said it was important for children to learn that not everything comes from a packet. He said teaching children good food choices can never start too early.

“It’s like chocolate, if someone eats a bad piece of chocolate they say; ‘This stuff is for kids!’ but no, everyone, no matter what age, should have the right to eat good quality ingredients,” said Mollois.

Mollois volunteered his services to Swanbourne Primary School because his son is a student. He said rather than assisting them with reading or spelling he decided to demonstrate basic cooking skills instead.

With the help of his son, Mollois has chosen a basic biscuit recipe to teach the Year Ones. The thirty children will work on the recipe in small groups and Mollois will guide them through the process.

“They will learn what can be done with eggs, flour, sugar and butter,” said Mollois.

Mollois said he aims to make an impact on the students’ lives. His passion for educating children about culinary skills and fine ingredients, and their health benefits is evident.

“Hopefully in their later lives they will be inspired to make good food choices over bad ones,” said Mollois.

Mollois’ first book Et voilÃ? ! French Pastries from Choux Café, will be released in September 2009. Mollois runs French cooking classes for adults at the Kitchen Witch in Subiaco.

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