Meet Georgia Richter, Fiction, Poetry and Creative Non-fiction Publisher

Georgia Richter is the Fiction, Poetry and Creative Non-fiction Publisher who prefers to edit many of her own books.

Georgia says; ‘I double the lunchbox-baking at home so there are homemade cakes and biscuits at work. I do a sideline in compulsive verge-side shelf acquisition – I think that’s a Libran thing. I’m a gym-bike reader. I used to read on my actual bike, but that idea was as foolish as it sounds.’

She has eliminated bickering in the back of the car since discovering audio books.

The Richter family is currently listening to The Last Goon Show of All.

She has just sent Harmless by Julienne van Loon to print.

She wonders whether Jane Austen’s editor ever raised with her the question of her excessive use of the word ‘amiable’.

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