Meet Naama Amram, Editor

Naama Amram says; ‘I’m an editor. Mainly, I work with authors to develop content, and I guide finished manuscripts through the production process.’

Naama regularly receives late night SMS’s asking her to explain the root and origin of words like float as in horse float. Anyone who knows Naama is inspired by her deep and abiding love for the Macquarie Dictionary.

Naama likes to read novels with strong philosophical undercurrents.

Naama says she’s never read a book she was ashamed to admit to but ‘I did get some raised eyebrows when I told people I was reading Andre Agassi’s Open. It turned out to be a great read.’

Naama just finished selecting and editing Sunscreen and Lipstick.

Her writing appears in The Kid on the Karaoke Stage & Other Stories.

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