Light Horse Boy video and classroom activity

Based on the book Light Horse Boy by Dianne Wolfer, and using historical sources and Brian Simmonds’ evocative charcoal images, this is the story of Jim and his experience of the first world war.

Book trailer created by James Foley.

Classroom activity

Listen to Jim’s story on the Light Horse Boy trailer and try to answer as many of these questions correctly as possible.

  1. Who said When the Empire is at war, so also is Australia? What do you think the Empire is?
  2. What were soldiers paid for supplying their own horses? Why do you think the army would want soldiers to supply their own horses?
  3. What is the name of Jim’s horse?
  4. What is the name of the ship mentioned in the book trailer that is taking Jim and some of the horses to war?
  5. How many horses are on Jim’s ship?
  6. What are some of the kinds of mascots the soldiers take to war with them? Why do you think soldiers took mascots?
  7. Which country does Jim land in?
  8. What is the country famous for?
  9. Where does Jim take Rufus the mascot to keep him safe?
  10. What was Major General Bridge’s dying wish?
  11. How many Anzacs were evacuated from Gallipoli?
  12. How many casualties were there during the evacuation?
  13. What piece of war equipment is a Taube?
  14. What does the word Taube mean in Germany?
  15. Why do the men gallop their horses in all directions when the Taube planes fly over them?
  16. What is the name of Jim’s illness?
  17. What is the treatment?
  18. How many horses went to war for Australia? How do you think this figure wsa calculated? How accurate do you think it is?
  19. How many horses returned?
  20. What medium did the artist use to create the illustrations?
  21. What do you think the soldiers are wearing on their calves? Why?
  22. Why do you think the narrator’s feelings about war change over the course of the story?

Download the questionnaire and answers here.

Light Horse Boy scaled

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