Painting for Jamie Oliver

Ten Tiny Things illustrator Kyle Hughes-Odgers gives us the lowdown on his commission to paint an artwork for Jamie Oliver’s new Perth restaurant.

How did you get the job?
Jamie Oliver sent a tweet out calling for interest in painting new works for his Perth restaurant. I sent in a few concepts of what I thought would work and what I wanted to paint, along with videos and images of past projects. Then about a week later I received an email from the London design office saying I had been selected.

That was quick! What are you going to paint?
The brief is to paint two artworks, 2m x 2.6m on board, which sit 6m apart. The concept they are interested in is a symmetrical figurative work across both panels, which will help create balance and connect them across such a wide space in the middle. Things will be adjusted when I go on site and see the location. Hopefully there will be some room to paint other scattered works in surprising locations in the restaurant!

What was your reaction when you found out?
I was excited! I love working on varied projects and mediums, it’s a great opportunity

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