My Superhero selected for 2014 White Raven

My Superhero by Chris Owen and Moira Court has been selected for the prestigious 2014 White Raven list by the International Youth Library.

Each year language specialists appraise thousands of newly published books around the world and compile a list of 200 titles they believe deserve worldwide attention because of their universal themes and their exceptional and often artistic literary style and design.

Moira said she was ‘completely speechless’ to be singled out for this list, but very happy that the book had an ‘international appeal’.

‘This is testament to the tremendous work of all those involved with the creation and promotion of our humble little book and I’m extremely thankful to those who saw fit to select it from a cast of thousands,’ said Chris Owen.

The selected books are displayed at the Frankfurt and Bologna international book fairs and are put in a gift catalogue that goes to children’s publishers and agents worldwide. Copies of the books are also housed in the permanent collection of the International Children’s Library in Munich.

‘I think Moira’s confident and engaging illustrations are a big reason for the book being chosen. I also believe the combination of rhyme, rhythm, noisy refrain and a message that resonates with parents and children alike makes it a popular book for families to snuggle up with and read aloud together,’ said Chris.

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