Smart study skills for success and sanity

A new school year is upon us. For many teenagers this means the start of their final year of study, and the lead-up to final exams. With parents, schools and the media emphasising the benefits of good grades, the pressure to perform well can seem overwhelming for many.

Parenting expert Dr Michael Carr-Gregg is keen to ensure that we offer appropriate emotional and practical support to students, without creating undue stress about academic performance. He emphasises the message that ‘young people need to maintain perspective’. Doing well in Year 12 can help students gain entry into university but it is certainly not the only path to career and life success.

In the book Better than OK: Helping young people to flourish at school and beyond, Michael’s chapter offers tips to help final year students. For a preview of Michael’s tips click on the infographic below.


Download Dr Michael Carr-Gregg’s study tips

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