Positive Conversations

No matter what we end up doing in life, ‘what we end up doing’ is grounded in effective communication. Life is built upon relationships. This is as true in the classroom as it is around the family dinner table. However, sometimes talking to young people can seem a harder task than trying to communicate with a recorded help service by phone keypad … Gender differences, the generation gap and unreliable hormones can all add to the challenge. As such, there is often a glaring gap between what we mean to say and what our delightful teenager hears and understands.

Dr Andrew Fuller is someone who not only understands effective communication; he offers effective and entertaining strategies for achieving it. In his chapter in Better than Ok he makes some valuable suggestions to ensure that we all are able to mean what we say … and to say what we mean. Click on the infographic below for four key tips!

high impact conversations

Download the infographic for high impact conversations

For the full chapter check out Better than OK: Helping young people to flourish at school and beyond.

Dr Helen Street will be a keynote speaker at the 2015 Positive Schools Mental Health and Wellbeing Conferences.
21 to 22 May, Brisbane Convention Centre
28 to 29 May, Esplanade Fremantle
4 to 5 June, Melbourne Convention Centre
11 to 12 June, SMC Conference and Function Centre Sydney

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