My Superhero published in French, Rothschild Prayer book highlighted in new publication

Life in publishing is never dull – especially when it’s your job to find new writers and new stories. But sometimes it’s the old, and not the new, that makes working in this industry exciting. That was the case when I had the privilege of viewing an incredibly precious example of illuminated art.

The Rothschild Prayer Book is a sixteenth-century Renaissance masterpiece that once belonged to the Rothschild family but which is now a part of the Kerry Stokes Collection. Beautifully displayed in a purpose-built room, and nestled amongst other illuminated treasures, it was breathtaking to behold.

Viewing the manuscript was part of a custom book project that Fremantle Press undertook for Australian Capital Equity. Seeing the original up-close provided invaluable insight and inspiration for the book Revealing the Rothschild Prayer Book c. 1505–1510 from the Kerry Stokes Collection.

Over the years Fremantle Press has completed many specialist art books for Western Australian organisations and it is always a lovely moment when you deliver the final product to a happy client. If you are visiting Canberra, the original manuscript will be exhibited in the Treasure Gallery at the National Library alongside the library’s own medieval and Renaissance riches until 9 August 2015. For those who aren’t going to be in Canberra, Revealing the Rothschild Prayer Book c. 1505–1510 from the Kerry Stokes Collection will be available soon.

I’ll finish this month’s update by congratulating Moira Court and Chris Owen, whose book My Superhero has just been released in France. Felicitations!

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