Alan Carter takes Cato Kwong to Europe

Crime writer Alan Carter was in Europe last month for a three-nation tour of France, Switzerland and Spain. He was promoting his novel Prime Cut, which has just been released in French and Spanish as Morceaux de Choix and Corte Perfecto respectively.

Among many bookshop signings and presentations, he spoke on a panel alongside Carlos Zanon and Joseph Incardona at the Geneva Book and Press Fair and took part in a seminar on the Literature of the Antipodes in Barcelona. We asked him to give us the goss on what it’s like to tour the European continent – crime-style.

What has the reception to your book been like?

It’s been very enthusiastic. In general Australian culture is not on Europe’s radar, it’s a holiday destination with great scenery and dangerous critters. Prime Cut has the great scenery and dangerous critters but people are also welcoming the insights into Australian society.

What’s been the best bit?

Seeing the snow-covered Alps on the descent into Geneva, being back in Barcelona after thirty years and wandering the backstreets as well as taking a swim in the pool in the Olympic complex.

Is crime the same everywhere?

Pretty much, give or take. The same human and societal failings feed it. But crime fiction isn’t necessarily the same everywhere. We just need to elbow that Scandi juggernaut aside and show them what the Antipodes is capable of, then the world will be ours (cue Dr Evil laugh).


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