Attack of the something-zilla!

Have you ever wanted to enlarge something to enormous proportions? Now you can* with the latest teaching activity for James Foley’s Dungzilla!

Sally Tinker – the world’s foremost inventor under the age of twelve – has built the incredible, the phenomenal, resizenator! Enjoy the wonders of the world’s first atomic inflation/deflation engine by enlarging a creature to magnificent proportions and brushing up your cartooning skills at the same time.


To order a class set of this free activity, send an email to with your name, your school’s postal address, and how many you require. You can browse our other free activities online here. While stocks last.

*Disclaimer: S. Tinker Inc. advises caution when enlarging dung beetles, spiders, snakes, scorpions, lizards, goats – in fact all mammals, marsupials, insects, arachnids, birds and animals in general. S. Tinker Inc. is not liable for any damages to property caused by something-zillas. We take no responsibility for indigestion caused by enlarged slices of pizza nor floods caused by melted enlarged ice-creams.

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