Behind the scenes with an event intern

Lara Rudd is in her last semester at Curtin University, completing a Bachelor of Commerce with majors in Public Relations and Events Management. Earlier this year she had the opportunity to study Linguistics and Social Media at Stanford University on exchange. In this piece she takes you behind the scenes of what it was like to intern at Fremantle Press while organising the Criminally Good Great Big Book Read at Fremantle Arts Centre.

My internship at Fremantle Press was an amazing learning experience. I had never felt so much encouragement in my abilities as well as being able to have an entire team of amazingly dedicated people to inspire and teach me. The best thing about it – apart from being surrounded by books! – was getting to be behind the moments that lead to a reader falling in love with a book.

I wanted to pursue a career in publishing or literature, so I went out of my way to arrange the internship at Fremantle Press. I showed my current university portfolio and resume and met with the marketing department for an interview. I believe my passion for this career and my own values aligned with Fremantle Press, so going into the internship was not difficult but a challenge I wanted to take.

From my very first day I felt encouraged to put my university learnings into action and that my ideas were valuable. I immediately started working on the Criminally Good Great Big Book Read, so it has been incredible to be here for the whole journey and to watch it grow into this very real event. Organising it felt like a whirlwind came through my life. The ‘to do’ list kept growing: there was the event listing on our Eventbrite page, communication with our VIP guests, the running order, speeches, a presentation and everything else you may have to think of that we need for an event. The first really terrifying moment happened when I had to create a media release to be sent off.

I learnt that creating a streamlined, smooth-running event, or any project, takes a whole team of people. Support and networks are integral to having an amazing business. I think the key to running a good event is to expect the unexpected. In other words, plan everything to the second and have a plan B and C! Organisation is key to creating an efficiently run event, and so is enough preparation time.

If you are an intern, I would recommend you look for opportunities in areas you wouldn’t think to look. Or if there is something that catches your eye, go for it! Keep a journal of your work: even if it’s just assessments, it is something you created. Keep a diary! Have a ‘to do’ list, be flexible and most importantly, be open to suggestions and opportunities you may not have considered.

The Criminally Good Great Big Book Read is on Wednesday 8 November 2017 at Fremantle Arts Centre. Tickets are free but places are limited so book now.



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