Prize giveaway for puzzlers

If you fancy your chances as a bit of a puzzle whizz, this is your time to shine. We’re giving away the first three books in Alan Carter’s Cato Kwong series, plus the latest book, to one lucky winner. All you need to do is work out the title by solving this puzzle.

Carter’s new crime novel is coming out in November 2018. Fans of the series will know that Cato Kwong is a lover of cryptic crosswords and every Carter book title is the answer to a cryptic crossword clue. This fourth Cato Kwong novel is no different.

Can you work out the title of his new novel based on the following cryptic clue?

Herald angels, haven’t seen anything like it. (six and four)

Send your answer to for your chance to win a complete set of Carter’s Cato Kwong books: Prime Cut, Getting Warmer and Bad Seed, plus his new title.

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