CEO Jane Fraser says Jen Banyard’s Riddle Gully series is off to the movies

Riddle Gully Secrets

We all spend months and years getting ourselves and our books in front of the ‘right people’, but sometimes it’s just the serendipitous connections you make that open the door to new possibilities. It was during her time as a guest at the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival in the United Arab Emirates that Jen Banyard met award-winning filmmaker, entrepreneur and actor Chloe Gardner. A few months and a few contract revisions later, and we’ve optioned Jen’s three-book Riddle Gully series to Chloe for a possible film. Chloe is in the perfect position to turn these three mystery stories, with their memorable heroes, super-sleuth Pollo di Nozi and her sidekick Shorn Connery the sheep, into a film kids will love. In addition to producing films, she runs a film school for kids and founded the Adelaide International Youth Film Festival.

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Riddle Gully Runaway
Riddle Gully Secrets

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