Six romantic books from Fremantle Press to give to your valentine this year

Never mind ‘love is in the air’, it’s all about the love on the page this Valentine’s Day. Maybe we’re biased (okay, we are!), but we can’t think of anything better than giving the gift of words and stories to someone we truly admire.

Here are six romantic Fremantle Press books that will make the ideal Valentine’s Day gift. And if you’re really lucky, the object of your affections might just get the hint to start that fairytale romance you’ve been hoping for.

1. The Art of Persuasion by Susan Midalia


Love and politics isn’t your average recipe for romance, but when 25-year-old Hazel starts doorknocking for the Greens, she also finds herself falling in love with older man Adam. But Adam is strangely aloof, and seems to be resisting her advances in spite of himself. How can Hazel persuade him to let her in? And how can Jane Austen help her on the path to true love?


2. Afternoons with Harvey Beam by Carrie Cox


Nestled among the family drama of this deadbeat talkback radio host returning to his small town roots is a burgeoning love story. As Harvey wrestles with his family demons, his relationship with beautiful nurse Grace keeps him living in hope that something will come good in his life.


3. The Life and Loves of Lena Gaunt by Tracy Farr


A gripping tale of love and heartbreak, this is the story of Dame Lena Gaunt: musician, octogenarian, junkie, and the first theramin player of the twentieth century. This compelling tale is of one woman’s life, and how it was made and torn apart by those she gave her heart to.


4. Gwen by Goldie Goldbloom


A novel about painting and art, travel, bravery and love. The relationship between artist Gwendolen Mary John and her ‘companion’ Dorelia is one of the boldest and bravest you’ll ever read. In this story it’s a time to be brave and visible, to love and be loved – no matter who that is. A quick warning, the vivacious and explicit sex scenes aren’t for the faint-hearted.


5. What is Left Over, After by Natasha Lester


Love in all of its forms permeates this skilfully written book about one woman coming to terms with a deep loss. Gaelle’s friendship with 13-year-old Serena is unexpected, but might just be the thing she needs to reconnect with herself and find a way to love who and what she is.


6. Dress Rehearsal by Zoe Thurner


Lara Pearlman has an appetite for life. She loves acting, vintage clothes and her best friend Oggy. She flirts with Nathan but really likes Blake. She devours muffins with cream and chocolates by the box. Lara’s mum says big girls shouldn’t eat cream, but if rules are made to be broken then Lara’s the girl to do it. A fizzing, vibrant novel about life, love, school and being yourself.


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