Jane Fraser CEO explains not-for-profit publishing and shares five free ways to support it

Hello and welcome to June.

You may have noticed we’ve got a picture at the bottom of our newsletter that lets you know we’re a not-for-profit publishing house. So what is not-for-profit publishing?

At its most prosaic, it means we don’t pay dividends to shareholders and my colleagues and I don’t own Fremantle Press. We profit for a purpose.

Like many small presses, we run a lean and efficient organisation. Our publishing programs are modest in size (though unabashedly large in cultural significance). We embrace new creators and the big risks associated with publishing debut writers, and work hard to nurture their careers. We strive to find works that highlight a multiplicity of stories and storytellers.

Anyone who buys a Fremantle Press book is doing this work with us.

But times are so tight. We know that you can’t all buy one stack of books for your TBR pile. So how can you be supportive while limiting your book spend?

Five free ways to support Fremantle Press

Google reviews help people find us
If you’ve enjoyed a Fremantle Press book or experience, post a good rating on Google Reviews and, while you’re there, do the same for your local bookseller by rating their business as well.

Library books are good books too
If you can’t increase your book spend, consider dusting off the library card. Libraries are now reopening, and publishers and authors get allocated some public lending rights money for the books you borrow. What about taking out a classic like My Place by Sally Morgan or Shadow Lines by Stephen Kinnane? The kids might like Goldfields Girl by Elaine Forrestal or some good clean fun like Dungzilla by James Foley.

Tuning in means more people will tune in with you
Subscribe and listen to the Fremantle Press Podcast. If there’s a story in you, listen in to hear how our existing authors practise the art of writing. It’s refugee week this week, so you could try this episode with Yuot A. Alaak. If you like what you hear, why not leave us a review?

Turn up to an author gig
Online author gigs are here. You no longer have to frock up, find the car keys or brush your hair or your teeth. You don’t even need to put the book down. Here are some online gigs and videos to grab a ticket to.

Nurture your passion and inspire others
If you love one of our books, let us know. Heck, let everyone know! Recommend it to your mum, suggest it to your book club (or start a book club on the strength of it!), clickbait your online community with ‘The best book in forever’. Or you could just share our posts and our delight when we announce wins for our books. For example, foreign language rights to Antarctica by Moira Court, What Colour is the Sea? by Katie Stewart and Rodney by Kelly Canby have just been sold to Is Kultur Publishers in Istanbul.

We’re @FremantlePress on social media if you’d like to say hi virtually, and we hope to see you in person as the world opens up again.


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