Tracey Gibbs has launched a new wildflower walking trail: take the virtual tour with us today

How are you getting your one hour of exercise a day this week? What about a walk that combines fine art with nature and exercise?

Tracey Gibbs, aka @Lalleuca and creator of the counting book for bubs Let’s Count Wildflowers, has launched her Wildflower Walking Trail in Victoria Park. Okay, okay, so it’s not going to be accessible to anyone outside of Victoria Park this week, but the walking trail isn’t going to disappear any time soon. Which means … you can start planning.

Tracey has installed 12 tiny murals along the café strip in East Vic Park. They are all Western Australian wildflowers, and a digital map with information about the plants is available from The route is accessible for wheelchairs and prams, and it takes about 30 minutes (or a little more when the shops are open and you can visit the businesses along the way).

Tracey is a contemporary printmaker from Perth with roots in Western Australia’s south-west wildflower country. Her board book, Let’s Count Wildflowers, with its beautiful, bold wildflowers in full pop-art glory, is available from all good bookstores, including Crow Books in Victoria Park.

The Wildflower Walk was supported by Town of Victoria Park as part of its Restart grants program.

We’ve included this virtual tour of the installation to give you a sneak peek while you all wait to be released back into the wild. Stay safe and enjoy!

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