Just weeks from celebrating the 10-year anniversary of his first book, The Last Viking, James Foley’s latest book is rocketing to the USA

Rights to James Foley’s newest picture book Stellarphant have been sold to Kane Miller in the USA.

Fremantle Press CEO and Rights Manager Jane Fraser says the book, which won’t be out in Australia until November 2021, is about heroes that come in all shapes and sizes. Jane says, ‘Stella the elephant wants to become an astronaut but every time she applies to Space Command they give her a different excuse about why she doesn’t make the grade. Like all James Foley books it’s fun and funny but there is a message in there about not underestimating those around us because of our own preconceived ideas and prejudices. It’s also about how far you can go when you back yourself and your dreams.’

James said the sale was particularly exciting because, despite his popularity in Australia after a decade-long career, Stellarphant is the very first book he’s had published in the USA. ‘The USA is the home of NASA and it’s the country that’s done the most space exploration with more exploration to come. I really hope Stella’s story connects with young USA readers.’

Stellarphant will be available to pre-order from all good bookstores and online very soon. Watch this space. (Get it?)

To help James Foley and collaborator Norman Jorgensen celebrate the 10-year anniversary of their book The Last Viking, we invite you to don your Viking costume and join them at Paper Bird Books in Fremantle on 10 July 2021.


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