Introducing Kirsty Horton, recipient of the 2021 Minderoo Editorship

Kirsty Horton joined Fremantle Press as an editor in 2021 after completing the Press’s internship program. In June she was awarded the 2021 Minderoo Editorship, a three-year program sponsored by the Minderoo Foundation. She is a graduate of the University of Western Australia with a BA in History, and is currently completing an MA in Professional Writing and Publishing at Curtin University. We asked her to share more about her background and what she’s working on at Fremantle Press.

Tell us about your background

In 2016, I completed a BA in Modern History and Italian Language from the University of Western Australia where I’d originally hoped to help curate screen adaptations of historical narratives. But it was then after a brief and serendipitous dalliance in editing at Fontaine Press that I realised books were the avenue I wanted to pursue. I am now completing an MA in Professional Writing and Publishing at Curtin University, which is how I was first introduced to the team at Fremantle Press through an internship. I’ve also been involved with the online literary community through reviewing books on my blog and YouTube channel, Upside-Down Books, and on Instagram. There is almost no part of my life that doesn’t revolve around books and stories now, it’s great!

Why do you want to work in publishing?

I have a great passion for books and reading, so it’s been a dream of mine to work in publishing and help stories get out into the world. Working with the team at Fremantle Press means I’ll have the privilege of sharing new stories with the wider community. On another level, the nuances of grammar, word play and storytelling fascinate me, so by stepping into the publishing world as an editor, I can enjoy learning more about these areas, whether that be through reading or lively debates with colleagues about best practices. The world of language is a fascinating, ever-changing space.

What you’re most looking forward to?

I’m really looking forward to working with such an amazing team who is dedicated to sharing local, Western Australian stories. It’s wonderful to be able to do this work in my home state with equally passionate people and get our stories out there. In particular, Fremantle Press’s involvement and support of Indigenous literature is fantastic, and I’m really looking forward to being involved with that – whether that’s challenging my own knowledge, forging connections with up-and-coming Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander writers or sharing these important stories with other West Australians and the world.

The Minderoo Editorship is sponsored by the Minderoo Foundation until 2024. The three-year program is designed to foster new Western Australian publishing talent by helping entry-level editors develop editorial and project management skills in all genres.

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