Time for some fun with Kelly Canby

Timeless by Kelly Canby is a vibrant picture book about one boy who discovers the secret of time.

Emit (whose parents turned back time to name him) is surrounded by busyness. Dad is too busy to read stories, Mum is too busy to play games and Emit’s brother and sister are simply too busy doing nothing to do anything at all. Emit tries everything he can think of to get more time, but it’s not until Emit tries to buy some time that he learns the secret which is, if you want time, you have to make it.

To get your kids thinking about time, we have two free activity sheets for them to complete.

The What Is Your Favourite Time of Day? activity sheet encourages children to think about the things they like to do and what time they take place. The Can You Find Time? word search develops word recognition skills, visual cues, spelling and improves concentration.

For more teaching activities, download the free teaching notes here.

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