Writer and illustrator Kelly Canby launches Bookaburras on behalf of Fremantle Press

More than 4,500 Western Australian children across 102 playgroups, kindergartens and early education centres received a mini library of three picture books to take home this week.The gift includes Colour Me by Ezekiel Kwaymullina and Moira Court, Rodney by Kelly Canby and More and More and More by Ian Mutch.

Kelly Canby, who launched the program at the Banksia Grove Child and Parent Centre on Wednesday, 22 March, said the Books for Little Bookaburras project was designed to be a memorable milestone in the lives of this new generation of readers. ‘Our sponsors wanted every child in WA to have their very own books to enjoy at home – books that belong to them and can be read as a family. We hope that this gift will in turn inspire them to want to borrow more books from their local library or their school.’

Fremantle Press CEO Alex Allan said the selection of titles was based on the provision of one simple text that a child might attempt on their own, one more challenging text to be read aloud by an adult and one book designed to be a satisfying read-together experience between child and adult. She said, ‘Over the coming weeks we’ll be asking for feedback from teachers, carers and the children themselves about each book. Making sure Fremantle Press is publishing the right books for Australian children is of the utmost importance and this program is designed to help the Press continue to make informed decisions about our children’s book program.’

Alex said, ‘On behalf of the children of Western Australia and Fremantle Press I would like to thank the sponsors who came together to make this program happen. It is their passion for making books a part of every child’s life that makes programs like Bookaburras possible.’

The Books for Little Bookaburras program is sponsored by Stan Perron Charitable Foundation, Wright Burt Foundation, Hesperia Group, Paul Jones in memory of Allan and Wendy Jones, Barton Family Foundation and Hartree and Associates Architects.

More information about the books

Colour Me

Ezekiel Kwaymullina and Moira Court

We are all different, but together we colour our world amazing.
Using the rainbow as a metaphor for our diversity and uniqueness, First Nations author Ezekiel Kwaymullina joins forces with award-winning illustrator Moira Court in this gorgeous picture book. Luminous screen prints and evocative prose celebrate every individual colour as well as the power of their combination.

More and More and More

Ian Mutch

Henry Harper loves collecting. One day, while out finding treasures, he discovers Kate. She loves to collect, too! Together Henry and Kate amass an amazing amount of stuff before discovering that the most valuable thing they’ve ever found is each other.


Kelly Canby

Rodney spends most of his days looking up. He imagines, for hours, what a life high among the treetops would be like and how it would feel to be so … tall. Rodney is a small tortoise with a BIG dream. Then one day, Rodney’s dream comes true – or does it? It’s all a matter of perspective.

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More and More and More

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