Fogarty Foundation and Fremantle Press announce commitment to continue the Fogarty Literary Award for another three rounds

Building on its remarkable success to date, Fremantle Press and the Fogarty Foundation are thrilled to announce the extension of their partnership for another six years, securing three additional chances for young WA writers to win the award. The Fogarty Literary Award is a biennial award for Western Australian writers aged 18 to 35. The winner receives a cash prize of $20,000 and a publishing contract with Fremantle Press.

Unveiled by Executive Director Annie Fogarty AM at the 2023 Fogarty Literary Award ceremony, the partnership will continue to provide young Western Australian writers the opportunity to have their current manuscript published while gaining additional funds designed to help support the development of new works.

CEO of Fremantle Press Alex Allan said the award did more than just promote the winners, it also recognised the diversity of Western Australia’s writing landscape by reflecting the importance of genre fiction in its shortlist. The six shortlisted manuscripts included works of historical romance, speculative fiction, gothic literature, crime writing, young adult and fantasy. Alex said, ‘Since its inception in 2019, nine previously unpublished writers have released books, with two going on to win major national literary prizes. Fremantle Press provides extensive feedback to shortlisted writers and the winners become literary ambassadors, with funds set aside for them to tour schools and literary festivals delivering talks and workshops to inspire the aspiring writers of the future.’

Brooke Dunnell, who won the 2021 Fogarty Literary Award for The Glass House, said it had a profound impact on her life, providing her with confidence, a stronger connection to the literary community and numerous industry opportunities.

Annie Fogarty also pointed to the 2023 winner of the Fogarty Literary Award, Katherine Allum, as representing a case study in the power of the award to attract great writers to WA. Katherine and her husband Michael Burrows initially based themselves in London but Burrows’ shortlisting for the Fogarty Literary Award, and the subsequent publication Where the Line Breaks, was one of the factors that drew the pair back to Perth. While Michael went on to be named one of the Sydney Morning Herald’s Best Young Novelists, Katherine entered and won the 2023 Fogarty Literary Award for her tensely atmospheric novel The Skeleton House.

Annie said, ‘The ongoing success of the Fogarty Literary Award suggests a bright future for the Western Australian literary scene. With each iteration of the award, more talented writers are discovered, and their stories are shared with a broader audience.’ She said Josh Kemp was another shining example. ‘Shortlisted in the same year as Michael Burrows, his novel Banjawarn was co-winner of the 2021 Dorothy Hewett Award and won the 2022 Ned Kelly Award for Best Debut Crime Fiction. More recently Josh’s novel has been shortlisted for the 2023 WA Premier’s Prize for an Emerging Writer and he was again shortlisted for the 2023 Fogarty Literary Award for his manuscript Jasper Cliff, which the Fremantle Press will publish in 2024.’

The Fogarty Literary Award has emerged as a vital force in cultivating a strong community of writers in Western Australia and Fremantle Press is delighted to be working with the Fogarty Foundation for another six years.

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Where the Line Breaks
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