The Davitt Awards recognise Wendy Davis and her extraordinary book Don’t Make a Fuss: It’s only the Claremont Serial Killer

Don’t Make a Fuss is in the running to win a Davitt Award for best non-fiction book by a female crime writer. Wendy Davis’s chilling account of how she survived a vicious attack by the soon-to-be Claremont Serial Killer is one of three titles shortlisted in her category with the winners to be announced on 2 September.

At the time of the book’s release Wendy said, ‘The assault against me was not my attacker’s first act of violence, and his actions escalated with horrific consequences for his victims and their families. I hope my story will encourage women to speak out against any and all types of violence; that it will help police and authorities understand that women who have experienced violence need to be listened to and supported; and in particular, that the police will be better equipped to recognise and address unusual violent behaviour if they come across someone like Edwards in the future.’

Run by Sisters in Crime, and now in its 23rd year, the Davitt Awards Shortlist for the best crime and mystery books was chosen from a field of 144 books across the genres of adult fiction, YA books, children’s novels, debut novels and non-fiction books.

In a media release about the shortlist, judges’ coordinator, Dr Philomena Horsley, said, ‘The Davitt Awards are riding the crest of an enormous wave of popularity for crime writing by Australian women. Women like writing it, the publishers like printing it, and we all love reading it – and increasingly we can enjoy it being translated to the screen. That is no longer just the province of overseas authors such as Ann Cleeves and Val McDermid. The writing is outstanding.’

Six Davitt Awards will be presented at a gala dinner on Saturday 2 September by award-winning journalist, true-crime author, and television producerDebi Marshall, at South Melbourne’s Rising Sun Hotel: Best Adult Novel. No prize money is attached but the winners receive trophies featuring the front cover of the winning novel under perspex.

The 2023 judges were: Philomena Horsley 2018 Scarlet Stiletto Award winner and medical autopsy expert; Joy Lawn, YA expert and reviewer; Deb Bodinnar, former bookseller; Ruth Wykes, 2016 Scarlet Stiletto winner, author, and editor; and Moraig Kisler, Sisters in Crime’s President, and review editor.

The Readers’ Award Choice closes Friday 28 July, 11.59 pm and you can vote here. A full list of shortlisted writers can be found on the Sisters In Crime website.

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