Boffins bookseller moves into publicist role at Fremantle Press

Adam Matthews has joined the Fremantle Press Sales and Marketing team as a publicist. CEO Alex Allan said she is excited to have Adam join the team. She said, ‘Adam has been on our radar for some time. Over the winter, he has been working with us as a casual, helping the Sales and Marketing team manage an extremely busy period at Fremantle Press – and taking annual leave from Boffins Bookshop to do so. We were impressed by his commitment to the role, and his sunny and communicative disposition. We feel that his retail experience at what is one of Australia’s premier bookstores will hold him in good stead for a successful career in publishing.’

Before joining the Press and while completing a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Writing and Publishing at Curtin University, he worked as a sales and marketing assistant for Boffins Books. Adam said he is excited to make a contribution to the literary scene of Western Australia. He said, ‘This is a tremendous opportunity for someone who was deeply impacted by Australian literature from a young age. I am looking forward to joining the Fremantle Press team who share this passion with me.’

Adam will commence full-time from Monday 28 August 2023.

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