Draw a dog with this free teaching activity for Deb Fitzpatrick’s new book Kelpie Chaos

In Kelpie Chaos, a kelpie puppy is about to be sent to the pound and Eli knows he has to do something to save him. After adopting the flame-chested kelpie, now named Zoom, the family falls in love, but they soon learn there’s a lot to remember when raising a working dog.

In this activity, kids are asked to draw a dog they’ve met or known, then use the blank spaces provided to label the different parts of a dog.

Discussion questions for your class might include:

  • What is the breed of dog drawn?
  • What characteristics is that breed known for?
  • What was the demeanour of the dog they remember – was it friendly or fierce, playful or shy?
  • What colourings or markings were on the dog?

You can download the activity sheets here and, for more teaching activities, download the free teaching notes here.

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