Benang: From the Heart by Kim Scott is now an audio book and it’s just in time for NAIDOC week!

If you’ve ever wanted to listen to this iconic novel – the first by an Indigenous author to win the Miles Franklin Literary Award – you now can, thanks to Wavesound.

From one of Australia’s most revered storytellers, Benang sheds light on the ongoing struggle for cultural preservation and is an epic and beautiful story of celebration and lament, beginning and return.

CEO Alex Allan says it is the perfect accompaniment of the 25-year anniversary edition print version, which features a new cover by Indigenous artist Jenna Lee and an updated foreword by Kim Scott, plus an introduction by Philip Morrisey. She says, ‘The book is a true Indigenous classic that has been compared to the best works by Rushdie, Carey, Morrison and Grenville. We’re grateful for the work that Wavesound has done to make it accessible to a wider pool of readers.’

Narrated by Gregory Fryer, you can purchase your copy via your favourite audio book app.  

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